Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin had some very strong points about empathy. I think that he is right. I also think that empathy across the world is a very difficult challenge, but will be done in the future--at some point. I think we can bring our "empathic socialibity" by often meetings and constant communication. Communication solves almost everything. We need to learn to put ourselves in others shoes- and for that, we need to be able to talk to that person and see their point of view. After we understand what they are going through, we can take action and take further steps, but the first step is COMMUNICATION. I think that ISIS is a big issue facing humanity as a whole. At first, it was only a terrorist issue. However, now they are killing our US Journalists, and even worse, ISIS is teaching kids to hold a gun and shoot people. As we talked in class earlier, the average person learns about the concept of "death" at the age of 8. However, these children are learning to KILL people at the age of 6. Instead of learning, school is now for shooting and learning that ISIS is the best. ISIS is trying to turn young minds early into this terrorism so ISIS can grow and expand and get stronger. I believe that we can expand our empathy to the entire race. We just need to show the result of what is happening and talk to them. We need to show that there is a solution to every problem and we can end this misery. I think it is possible to extend our empathy!

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  1. I agree: communication and EDUCATION are the keys. The problem is not every society values these two things in the same way...