Saturday, September 27, 2014

Passion Project Update #1

(This is due Tuesday, but I won't be here Monday due to a tournament)....

Over the past two Fridays, I have been working very hard on my passion project. I started with the country China and have been evaluating--not only the food aspect, but the history of it as well. Even though it will require more work and more research to even evaluate the history, I believe that it is important because understanding the history can help me better understand how 'they have' the food they have. I am not facing any obstacles, as of now, but I am still wondering how I can pick and choose the best and most important food aspects of each culture because there are plentiful different foods and so much information about each culture! I am also trying to pick the most reliable websites for my research. I am also trying to make up 3 categories for each region--breakfast food, lunch food, and dinner food; however, some countries only have 2 big meals throughout the day, while other regions eat 4 diminutive meals during that whole day. Overall, I am liking this project because it is something new and I get to learn a lot not only about diet, but also about geography.

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