Sunday, March 22, 2015

Passion Project Update!

So far, I am starting to learn a lot about my topic and I'm finding so much information on a topic I once knew nothing about. Still, "palm-reading" isn't quite yet becoming believable to me and I'm still skeptical on the topic and how your palm somehow shows your whole future ahead of you. However, my parents told me that during spring break, we might see our far relative (Jayshree) that had read my palm four years ago. I don't really know her that well and I will have to come up with questions to ask her about palmistry. I also know that her daughter is taking classes in India about palmistry. I think that talking to Jayshree will be a huge turning point in my project because I will find data out from a real source. Furthermore, I also need to talk to Ms. VanArsdale, because apparently she has a connection with someone about palmistry. Some obstacles I anticipate is trying to get my palm read again by Jayshree, because I'm not sure if she will agree to it or I'm kind of nervous to find out myself what "my future holds." Another thing I am worried about is that what if I don't get convinced that palmistry is real, even after the research and data? Then my passion project would probably be useless because it's not something I believe in...
My parents also believe in palmistry and I know my mom did take some classes on it, so they would also be great sources for me, because if my parents believe in palmistry then it's more convincing for me.
All in all, it is very exciting and somewhat spooky to explore so much on this topic. I never knew palm-reading was so intricate! I've researched about how the different lines and mounts on your palm are affiliated with the planets and your future. I also researched on the history of palm-reading. I still have a lot more to go...

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